Jjems Brasserie



Smoked salmon & toast
Cheese croquettes
Shrimp croquettes
Duo croquettes cheese-schrimp
Beef carpaccio
Scampi garlic butter (cream) - 6 pcs


Tomato soup with meatballs
Fish soup

Tapa's & Antipasti

Spanish & Italian antipasti (2 p.)
Calamares - 10 pcs
Bruschetta with tomato - 4 pcs
Mix of warm appetizers - 20 pcs (2 p.)

Meat dishes

Tomahawk for 2 p. 800gr (dry-aged rib-eye)
Horse fillet with chicory salad
Spare ribs Jjem's with 3 cold sauces
Chicken fillet, salade and sauce of your choosing
Filet mignon Belgian white/blue with salad
Entrecote black agnus Aberdeen
Tagliata with rocket salad, sundried tomatoes & balsamico cream
1/2 chicken with a mixed salad

Hamburger Jjem's 

Vegan Hamburger 

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Fish dishes

Dover sole with tartar - 3 pcs
Grilled salmon fillet in white wine sauce & warm vegetables
Scampi garlic (cream) - 9 pcs
Scampi curry - 9 pcs
Scampi diabolique - 9 pcs
Cod fillet with shrimp cream sauce
Sole rolls Armoricaine
Fish stew


Tarte Tatin with specula's ice cream
Fantasy of Raspberry with coulis of red fruit

Dame blanche
Coupe mokka
Coupe strawberries (season)
Coupe  Bresilienne
Apfelstrudel with ice cream
Coffee with cake
Children's ice cream, vanilla and strawberry

Pancake with sugar
Waffle with sugar
Waffle with whipped cream

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