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Investor Brochure : 8 Innovative Start-Ups In Respiratory

One of the main ambitions of the European Respiratory Cluster Antwerp (eu.reca), is to facilitate innovation in the respiratory sector. We do so by stimulating debate among experts with knowledge of modern technology, unmet medical needs and industrial capabilities. Our cluster focusses strongly on the human lung, our activities are related to prevalence of disease, progress in inhaled medication, accuracy of drug deposition, outcomes of treatment and environmental impact on lung health.

The main strength of eu.reca is the diversity of our membership. We have attracted both start-ups and big pharma, service providers and investors, patients and medical experts. It helps us detect innovation gaps and reach new insights.

eu.reca investor day

Over the past years we have found that many start- and scale-ups struggle to find the necessary funding, even today when the opportunities to pitch in front of investors, funds and grants, are ample. We believe this is due to a fundamental lack of knowledge within the investment community regarding the large potential of the respiratory sector. Therefore, eu.reca in collaboration with the province of Antwerp, organized the first edition of the eu.reca investor day, a yearly event with the aim of giving insight into the medical needs in the respiratory sector and the innovative solutions provided by promising companies.

The innovation needs in the respiratory sector are real and acute. We are therefore happy that so many young and promising companies strive to find the necessary solutions. We hope you enjoy discovering them.


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