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As a nonprofit organization, we are always welcoming structural sponsors wishing to support developments in the respiratory field, who share the same vision and mission and who are prepared to step into a transparent, long-term relationship, both strategically and financially.



The Belgian Respiratory Society (BeRS) is a scientific association of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and scientific researchers with an interest in the field of lung diseases. The primary objectives of the BeRS are to promote respiratory health and to combat respiratory diseases in Belgium.


The VRGT is an organisation passionate about the human lung and working hard to defeat lung diseases. Our mission? To be the centre of expertise regarding TBC, but also to be a key player in respiratory health with a focus on encouraging and helping people to quit smoking.

Golden sponsors


Chiesi – founded in 1935 – is a mid-size, family owned pharmaceutical company with an international presence. Our headquarters are located in Parma, Italy. A talented and enthusiastic team of 70 employees works at Diegem; the Belgian affiliate that was founded in 2010. Respiratory is our company’s DNA. We aspire to be a point of reference for patients affected by chronic respiratory disorders. Beside that we also specialize in neonatal pathologies, rare diseases and other health conditions which are difficult to treat. Our patients are put in the forefront of everything we do. We commit to offer patients, and those who take care of them, innovative solutions in the management of their needs, even exploring new frontiers in treatment and care. Therefore, we invest continuously in Research & Development.

Provincie of Antwerp

All inhabitants of the province of Antwerp experience visible, but also invisible services from the province of Antwerp on a daily basis. This happens mainly through the municipalities and cities in which all these people live, or the associations and the umbrella organizations that represent their interests.

Silver sponsors


AstraZeneca is a global, science-led biopharmaceutical company focusing delivering new medicines in 3 therapeutic areas: Respiratory, Oncology and CVRM (Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolic). In Respiratory, we will continue improving our core offering of inhaled medicines, while pushing ahead with new biologics therapies for specific patient populations. With our early research, we aim for scientific breakthroughs to produce truly disease-modifying medicines which transform standards of care.

Bronze sponsors


Aquilon is a specialty pharmaceutical company engaged in the development of drugs & improving the treatment of pulmonary diseases using Value Added Medicine.


Bayer is a global company with its core activities in the Life Science area of healthcare and nutrition. Bayer wants people to benefit from its products and services and contributes to finding solutions to the important challenges posed by a growing and aging population. At the same time, Bayer wants to increase its profitability and create value through innovation and growth. Bayer attaches great importance to sustainable development. Worldwide, Bayer is synonymous with trust, reliability and quality.

Oriento SA

Oriento SA offers advisory in the life science market enabling companies to create successful business development approaches driven by innovative technologies.
Special areas of expertise are in small molecule processing, in particle-engineering technologies and in respiratory powders manufacturing.

Oxypoint Air Solutions
Oxypoint Air Solutions

Oxypoint Air Solutions specialises in professional air purification and oxygen-related solutions.

P&L Projects

P&L Projects offers strategic advice and management support, mainly to companies, active in the health care sector. Based on more than 30 years experience in building strategies, leading large groups and guiding focused teams, it is ready to help boost the performance of small and medium-sized companies. P&L Projects is specifically strong in all aspects related to Respiratory.


SGS is the world’s leading testing, verification and certification company. They offer  decades of experience in the field of life sciences and, as a result, are often a preferred partner for the top 20 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.


TeraCrystal offers best in class solutions in solid state science and crystallization. We provide ourcustomers, innovators or generic drug makers, with work programs designed to identify the most suitable form of active pharmaceutical ingredients for further development.


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